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River rafting is a very popular tourist attraction around the world. Viking Rafting, an Iceland company, offers a truly unique experience rafting down the East Glacial River! Anup, co-owner, mentioned justifying to tourists the high price point is a considerable issue.Frequently, tourists do not grasp the expenses associated with a luxury tour experience. Viking Rafting holds itself to very high standards and works profusely to perfect its services The excursion is very organized, safe, and guided by industry professionals. All of which justify the premium cost.

Viking Rafting Main Problem

Viking Rafting’s struggled to properly explain the premium price point to potential customers. However, when a tourist reflects back on the experience,it’s a no brainer the trip was worth the cost. Unfortunately, the tourist attraction industry is highly populated with an abundance of excursions at competitive price points. When tourists see the high cost, it can be very challenging to justify without an adequate understanding of the superior experience.
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How did we fix this problem?

Our main strategy to assist Viking Rafting provide price point justification was to implement a content marketing campaign using a classic sales technique we like to call “Selling a memory.”
Viking Rafting needs to adjust its focus from selling a luxury tour to selling lifelong memories.
People pay for memories… In fact, the travel industry is built on two things – short term satisfaction and long term memories.
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How did we fix this problem?

4 Step process

We dispatched a filmer and photographer to gather content focused on testimonal interviews and live action river shots for our campaign.

We created an automated email campaign to ask past customers for video memories of their Viking Rafting experience. In order to increase response rates we awarded one recipient a $50 Amazon gift card. This incentive really helped with engagement!

Using our footage and customer testimonials we created content to post on all socials. This effort shifted the brands focus to building lasting memories through a uninque experience on the water!

Viking Rafting was featured in our documentary about luxury travel and business in Iceland. This documentary features over 30 Icelandic companies and will be shown to a variety of future tourist.

The Results

After performing this content marketing campaign, we waited a few months and Viking Rafting began to see positive results!
More clients began to see the tour as an investment in a once in a lifetime experience vs just another tour in Iceland. The best part about our implementation efforts is that Viking Rafting can easily maintain this strategy in the long-term.They can even automate testimonial requests from past clients to eliminate time spent emailing Now that Viking Rafting has an effective strategy they can continue to utilize it to grow their brand!
We are passionate about the travel and hospitality industry because of the numerous exceptional businesses like Viking Rafting that often go unnoticed. These companies may have trouble gaining media coverage, but they still provide valuable services. If your business is in a similar situation, we would love to chat with you! During our call, we would like to learn more about your offerings and offer suggestions on how to increase your visibility to a wider audience.
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