Snow Dogs - 2022

Icelandic dog sledding tour company


Iceland is known for its exotic views and picturesque landscapes, driving one of the most flourishing tourist markets in the world. Snow Dogs’ full service dog sledding adventure through the northern plains is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Despite the unbelievable experience, this hidden gem struggled to generate a sustainable flow of clients . For Snow Dogs, the world class experience was clearly not the issue, rather, the dilemma traced back to content marketing. Viral Lion diagnosed the issue and strived to address it with the Snow Dogs team.…. Together we captured content to enhance and develop Snow Dogs lead generation.

Snow Dogs Main Problem

When promoting services to tourists, the content is more important than the service. Think of social media trends! Travelers are looking for a shiny object to show their followers. If you use content to “trendify” your service, potential clients are more likely to buy! Many companies don’t leverage this and fail to reap the benefits associated with content creation. Companies should utilize content marketing to elevate their services to ideal customers. We suspected Snow Dogs was under utilizing its content creation capabilities and targeted this area.
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Why did Snow Dogs choose us?

We had a great discussion with the owner, Bergþóra, and discovered areas where Viral Lion could apply its expertise. We were hired to help Snow Dogs because of our clear track record and continued success of boosting sales and exposure of travel and tour experience companies through the implementation of high converting social media ads.
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How did we help Snow Dogs resolve their issues?

3 Step process

1) Media Day
We sent our best team of content creators to Snow Dog headquarters with a goal to capture a backlog of video and photo content. We filmed the dog sledding ride as well as other emotion jarring clips consisting of dogs eating and playing in addition to staff interviews

2) Create Content
Next we developed our content into high converting video and photo graphics geared towards the Iceland tourism market. Confused on what “high converting” means? Check out this blog post on “How to create High Converting Videos for the Tourist Market”

3) Create Social Media Ads
We used Facebook ads and ran brand awareness campaigns to do so. Important note: Solely running ads isn’t enough, it’s crucial to A/B test video content until you find a video that converts optimally with your target audience. At that point raising that specific ads daily budget is critical to achieve widespread viewership!

The Results

After performing all three steps, we waited a few weeks for the ads to optimize and BOOM!
Just like that Snow Dogs saw far more visits to their website, generated more calls and service inquiries. The growth was notable and clearly evident from our tactics. Many inquiring clients mentioned how they loved the social media videos! Snow Dogs gained Instagram followers and has been able to leverage our advertising traffic.
We love working in the travel and hospitality niche because there are so many amazing companies like Snow Dogs who are the “best kept secret” of their area! Oftentimes these excursions struggle with generating media attention! If you are running a company like Snow Dogs and want to boost your clientele, let’s get on a call! We would love to hear about your services and provide advice on how to expose your services to more people!
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