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Travel Iceland

For Travel Iceland, Viral Lion embarked on an awe-inspiring journey across the country, creating a documentary film titled “Luxury Iceland.” This project was an exploration of Iceland’s most exclusive experiences, featuring top-tier tours, events, restaurants, spas, and hotels. Our team captured the breathtaking landscapes and luxury services that make Iceland a unique destination for discerning travelers. The documentary aimed to showcase the unparalleled beauty and sophisticated offerings of the country, providing viewers with a glimpse into the lavish Icelandic lifestyle. Through stunning visuals and compelling storytelling, “Luxury Iceland” not only highlighted the best of Icelandic hospitality and culture but also served as an enticing guide for those seeking an opulent adventure in the land of fire and ice. Our work emphasized the seamless blend of natural wonders and luxury, promoting Iceland as a premier destination for luxury travel.


Travel Iceland – Luxury Iceland Documentary

Project Date

August 2023


Documentary Video