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Facebook ads offer powerful targeting capabilities, reaching a vast audience with customized, engaging content for maximum impact and success.
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Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns can level up your marketing!

Leveraging the power of Facebook and Instagram can greatly benefit your fitness business. With 2.98 billion monthly active users, Facebook remains a leading marketing platform for businesses of all sizes and industries. 

To maximize the potential of Facebook for your gym business, you need to take a strategic approach. A passive “post and wait” strategy won’t yield results. As a business owner, you can increase your exposure and drive conversions by developing and executing effective advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. 

Don’t let past frustrations hold you back from using Facebook as a tool for growth. With the right approach, you can unlock the full potential of this powerful platform and take your business to new heights

Set your campaign up for more leads. customers.

We design Facebook ads in all formats, enhancing your gym promotions campaign’s potential to bring more hot leads. From Feeds to Stories to Carousels, we provide comprehensive coverage.
Why use Viral Lion

We specialize in Social Media Ads - specifically high engagement video ads

Viral Lion, a social media marketing agency for gyms, has a highly streamlined approach to running social media ads. They follow a formulaic approach that emphasizes the utilization of cutting-edge technology, a well-trained team, and a focus on results. The Facebook ads management agency for gyms follows a proven formula of targeting the right audience, creating engaging content, and continually analyzing data to optimize campaigns. By following this formula, Viral Lion consistently delivers a high return on investment for clients and a positive experience for their customers. Their focus on efficiency and results has established Viral Lion as a leader in the competitive social media advertising agencies for the fitness and gym industry

Social Media Audits

The Viral Lion team’s first step is a deep dive into the current state of your brand image on social media. We firmly believe without a clear brand identity there is no point to wasting money on social media ads.


We are always free to talk about issues or answer questions. All clients have a dedicated account manager who is constantly working to make sure your ad spend is being used properly.

Data Driven results

At Viral Lion we pride ourselves on using data to drive decision making. We do not guess, every decision we make with our advertising is purposeful.

Return on Investment

Our collaboration with your company aims to determine the crucial performance metrics that matter the most. Subsequently, we enhance your digital marketing strategies to achieve the highest return on investment.

Monthly Performance updates

To ensure client satisfaction we hold monthly performance meetings with clients. In these meetings clients are free to ask questions and direct advertising efforts.

What ad formats are used?

We design Facebook Ads in various formats to support your advertising efforts. Our services include creating ads for Facebook Feed, Stories, and Carousels, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your campaign.

How to create a winning facebook ad

Successful Facebook ads require a targeted audience, engaging creative, and optimized measurement. Define your ideal customer, use high-quality visuals and clear ad copy, and track metrics like reach, engagement, and conversions to continuously improve your campaign. Maximize results with targeted audience selection,captivating ad content, and regular optimization.
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What makes a good Facebook ad?

An effective and compelling Facebook ad is one that is made with your audience in mind. Despite having more than two billion users, posting an ad and hoping that it has the right impact is not a cost-effective way to advertise on this platform. The best gym Facebook Ads agency helps clients maximise their ROI through A/B testing, creative and optimised ad copy, and a deep understanding of your target audience.
Don’t take the cookie-cutter approach to Facebook Ads. Get the support you need with the help of a specialised Facebook advertising Agency for fitness businesses.