Our Story

Founded in 2022 by Boston local and seasoned video creator Brian Carmichael, Viral Lion was created to advance local and national companies online presence through scroll-stopping video and photo content on social media.

Specializing in short-form social media content, we excel in crafting videos that drive engagement and clicks, vital in today’s online media landscape.

Our mission? To empower companies to harness the power of social media, helping them connect with their audience and leverage the digital age’s potential.

With a young, dynamic team, we bring a fresh perspective to video marketing, blending high-quality content with innovative engagement techniques. Our impact is clear: over 40 companies served, 5 million+ social likes, and 100,000+ followers amassed for us and our clients.

Our Mission

We are committed to magnifying your business’s digital footprint in the ever-evolving world of social media. 

Our mission centers on not just enhancing your online visibility but also forging genuine connections between you and your audience. We use social media as a powerful storytelling and engagement tool, focused on turning your channels into thriving communities where your brand’s voice resonates. 

Leveraging video marketing in Boston to build brand awareness, or deepening customer engagement. We employ our expertise to make your brand impactful and memorable.

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Viral Lion Owner Head shot Brian Carmichael

Why we are Special?

At Viral Lion, our youthfulness is our superpower. As a vibrant, energetic team raised in the era of video and social media, we bring a fresh, unparalleled perspective to video marketing. 

Our innate understanding of the digital landscape enables us to craft content that doesn’t just capture attention – it captivates it.

 We’re not just creators; we’re digital natives who intuitively know what resonates with today’s audience, making every click and view count. 

Our approach combines high-quality video production with cutting-edge engagement strategies, setting us leagues apart from traditional agencies. 

As we navigate the ever-evolving digital age, our deep well of knowledge about what works (and what doesn’t) in social media positions us uniquely to amplify your content’s impact.

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